At The Food Innovators we are constantly trying new things. Sometimes it’s a new ingredient and sometimes its a whole new machine or way of working. On top of developing our own range of delicious products we like to celebrate and highlight other new brands that are innovating in the marketplace. 

We can produce your own label products in our bakery in West Sussex. Our bakery is SALSA accredited because we manufacture to the highest quality. We offer our customers full technical support including nutritional and label information. Our expert team can also offer advice at any stage of the development, manufacturing, or distribution process. We can also advise on choosing packaging suppliers, designers, or marketing experts.

A lot of the things we are working on at the moment are vegan, no added sugar, or naturally free from. We are also developing new products that are high in protein, but low in sugar. This means trying numerous types of protein powders and even crispies made of protein. Not even we can believe how delicious some of these are!

You can check out the products that we sell online on our SHOP page, or if you want to see some of the recipes we have shared, head to our RECIPES page.

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